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Marketing Strategy

At PurpleFox we provide our clients with strategic marketing consultancy that is a powerful blend of strategic thinking, smart thinking, commercial experience and good business acumen.

Alongside our award-winning creative and design team, and researchers form the basis of our strategic thinking, idea generation and campaign planning. We leave no stone unturned.

Our approach to create unique and effective marketing strategies is to gain as much insight and understanding as possible at the early stages, taking in data and insights from wherever possible. We use tested tactics of research, testing, planning and refinement but in an unusually fast-paced style. We don’t waste time, and we keep costs to a minimum wherever possible, ensuring your budget is spent in the most effective way.

We also have a unique intuitive style that is rare in the industry today – making us one of the UK’s most effective marketing consultancy.

Customer Insight

We can help you retain customer loyalty and making sure all aspects of your business helps you put customer satisfaction as a priority. Through detailed research we can tell you how best to pitch your messages and make your marketing budget really work for you.

Industry Insight

We look at growing trends but have the expertise to dismiss anything that is a fad. We can keep calm while others flurry to the latest movements, instead taking our time to analyse and confirm the right approach with real data.

Marketing Insight

We leverage the information that is out there to help generate profits through the right marketing strategy. Thorough research and reading customer behaviours means we can help helping businesses approach their marketing in a way that works.

Brand Development

We can find out about your customer, what they want, what do they do, why do they do it, how can they be reached and the best time, is at the heart of our thinking and branding strategy.  Our experts can manage, revive, reposition, create and extend brands through content driven brand strategy, and identity design.  We spend time researching, defining and building your brand that will make your customers act and speaks out in the marketplace.


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