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Social Media Selling Success

Contrary to many organisations beliefs social media selling can produce measurable results and a clear ROI. As reported by Forbes, 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. Research has also told us the sales teams who use social selling techniques exceed their quota by 31% more than non-users.

So why don’t more organisations use social media as a selling tool?

22% of sales people are not using social media and 45% of these said it was because they did not understand social selling.

We hold the tools and expertise to help you understand the benefits of social selling and the direct revenue that can be generated. 57% of top performers have closed a deal that originated through social media and we can help put you amongst these top performers.

PurpleFox is the home of the big idea, delivering social media strategies with a difference. Through intelligent research we find the right clients, select the right social media platforms and craft your messages to achieve sales results.

When more than half of customers have said they feel a stronger connection with companies who engage on social media, it has become an essential part of any sales strategy. We are social media experts who can help brands listen, understand and engage in conversations to build sales opportunities.

Guiding you on your social media journey, PurpleFox can help you understand the impact social media is having on your business. We will work with you to implement the changes that are needed as a result. We develop overall social media selling strategies, use the latest social media tools and create listening, relationship building and responding programmes.

It’s important to listen to the conversations throughout social media which are relevant to your brand, product, services, competitors and sector. This is exactly what PurpleFox can do, through ongoing social media monitoring we help you understand not just the volume and topics of these conversations, but more importantly what action to take as a result.

We help you engage in social media by creating relevant content and having meaningful and positive conversations with people, igniting awareness and interest all the way to purchase.

At PurpleFox our Social Media team can

  • Develop the right social media strategy for you and your business
  • Reach out and connect with your clients, prospects and industry influencers
  • Create inspirational content and highlight content that is relevant to you
  • Engage in conversations and build relationships with the right people
  • Understand customers behaviour in order to achieve your sales goals

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