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Benefits of Experiential Marketing In Social Media

The marketing industry is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Whereas originally, marketers were limited to traditional means of marketing, the possibilities are now limitless.

One of the latest marketing methods dominating the industry, particularly amongst global brands such as Disney, Carling and Red Bull, is experiential marketing; a method where a brand engages with its audience through interactive, live events the consumer can experience or participate in.

Experiential marketing allows brands to engage with, and build relationships with their customers in ways traditional marketing methods could not. By interacting with their audience physically, brands are able to create an emotional connection with the customer, develop brand recognition and build upon a sense of loyalty.

This marketing method is often enhanced through the use of social media, another powerful, modern marketing tool. Many people, particularly small business owners, are unaware of the limitless capabilities social media possesses to reach, attract and engage with new and existing customers on a global scale.

Social media is a highly effective and incredibly powerful tool for promoting and generating substantial awareness for an experiential marketing stunt. It allows people to engage with and become involved with the event, it encourages people to actively promote the event across their own networks and allows people from around the globe to join in and participate, even if they cannot be present. The ‘hype’ of the stunt can also be continued, post event with people commenting across social media channels, which acts as endorsement, further promotion and awareness generation of the brand involved.

Overall, the combination of experiential marketing, intertwined with social media marketing is fast becoming a powerful and hugely appreciated marketing method, utilised by global brands. It’s a method soon to be used by smaller brands but the experiential aspect is undoubtedly an expensive extra with many added benefits that may not bring the same success to smaller businesses with a smaller budget.

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